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Media Cycle Theory

Finally getting back on topic (after several years, really, of being way way off topic), I want to share a theory of media cycles I have been developing over the past months, as I've been trolling the tabloid blogs, desperate for another Natalee, another Cindy, another Terri. Not happening. Drew Peterson? No f'ing way. That cat makes Scott Peterson seem like the most interesting Peterson, when everybody knows it's Michael Peterson whose story is actually best.

My explanation for this lack is quite straightforward. During the intervening years there have been relevant things happening. By relevant, I don't mean to denigrate the central importance of cases like Natalee's, I mean simply things that "actually effect people in a material, not spiritual, way." Things like politics (the real source of tabloid pleasure). When the 2008 election cycle began in, well, April 2007 due to the total lack of storyline as the Bush administration "stayed the course" on virtually every issue (not even giving in a wink for children's healthcare! Damn that took principle!) and due to the sudden drive among states to have each primary matter (little did they know), all would-be blockbuster stories somehow lacked a certain je ne sais qua... Nothing has taken flight, whereas in the torpid, post 2004 tragic aftermath (of the election) of 2005, anything with even a hint of limberness clambered up the seamy wainscoting of our collectively mediated vision.

To quote, appropriate in this context, Wordsworth, "Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive!" All we can hope is that 2009 is some proxy for the glories of '05, but with a new president I expect we'll have a more 1993 feel to deal with, though if McCain (as anticipated) wins, we should be ready for a kind of quasi-05 status to emerge, if he is as much a continuation of Bush as he appears to be... If there's another terrorist attack, we might be faced with a 2001 post-Millenial disaster mindset of extreme patriotism and bigotry, which also could be fun.