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Movie Myspace Snocap

More shameless self-promotion! Now, thanks to a new wrinkle in the Myspace world, you can now download tracks from artists pages for money right now! An example? Well, it looks a little something like this:

Cool right? And It's not like Myspace/Snocap is taking a flat fee of $.45 on every download... Oh wait... That's a lot, when you consider Itunes pays $.70 for every $.99 sold to indie labels, and probably more to major labels... But it is easy to get on snocap, no screening, no hassle... And if you can afford to charge $.99 a song, you can make $.54, but that is still less than the $.63 you would make through Itunes (with CDBaby as a middleman taking their 9% cut).

But the real question is will people ever really, really pay to download music? They've begun to, but I bet 100x as many people illegally download music vs. pay for it... Oh yeah, download my songs... Please... This is pathetic.

Anyway, despite any reservations I might have alluded to above, this could be a real "change of the guard" type moment... By offering a flat fee, at least Snocap is being straight forward, unlike many other companies that require a $40 sign-up fee when the likelihood of an unknown artist selling even $10 worth of music is extremely small. I obviously took the plunge with Snocap, not that I expect much in terms of revenue, but hey, it at least gives me the (comforting) illusion that my music is "out there" or "for sale"... I guess this is a kind of contradictory endorsement, but we'll see where this leads over the next few weeks/months/years... It could have serious ramifications for not only CD sales, but for Itunes and the like. I'm surprised Steve Jobs didn't work out some arrangement with MySpace before this... We'll see if any big groups opt-in. As the big fish go, so goes the market...