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Palin Pregranancy Issue Revival

I was never really satisfied with the resolution of the Palin Pregnancy story. Apparently I am not alone, as I received a helpful comment pointing me to Sarah Palin's Lies. Written by a lactation specialist, the site takes aim at the (blatantly ridiculous) story of the birth of Trig Palin as well as at the notion that simply because Bristol Palin is pregnant now, she couldn't have also been the mother of Trig.

My favorite part of the site, however, is some great screen captures from Mercedes Johnston's (Levi's sister) Myspace page showing her holding Trig with some interesting captions:

(That first one is a context screen capture of the photos page)

Why does she call Triggy her brother? Is it because she considers Bristol (betrothed to her brother) to be her family? And if so, why does she then refer to Sarah Palin as Mommy-in-law? Seems really strange to me. More on this story as I continue to dig around the web. Something is rotten in Alaska, and it's not just the Caribou steak Todd Palin left out over night...