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More Juice

Okay, I know because of the limitlessly ironic tone of this blog it is actually impossible to tell when I'm being serious, but what the hell is wrong with America?
"O.J. Three!" CBS radio correspondent Steve Futterman cried when he spotted NBC reporter George Lewis standing on the courthouse steps. Both men had covered Simpson's criminal and civil trials.

Futterman held up three fingers. Lewis waved back with the same sign.

"I've been hearing from all the old crowd," Lewis said.

"It's like ESPN Classic out here," Futterman replied.
These are the objective reporters covering a case where a man literally faces life. Glad to know they aren't taking their journalistic responsibility lightly. Great work you sad sack fucks, so you've been stuck in the same go no where jobs for the last thirteen years, great, thanks for sharing. Honestly, the charges against OJ seem suspect, the leaked audio is disgusting, while all of this is so ugly and stupid it boggles the imagination.

Meanwhile, well-intentioned Kerry questioners are tased like Rodney King:

Pretty unbelievable they found it necessary to tase him even after they had him on the ground, as others have noted. On top of everything, I think it's entirely possible that this kid was having some kind of manic episode. I'm no doctor, but I have some anecdotal experience with these matters, and his pressured-speech in particular seems characteristic of the early stages of mania. Later, in another video, as he is being led away by police he openly worries that he is going to be killed by "the government," which (while entirely justified under the circumstances) strikes me as also potentially symptomatic. If this guy is/was mentally ill, it makes his manhandling by police only more unforgivable. I don't have reliable statistics in front of me, but I shudder to imagine how many mentally ill people are "mistakenly" killed each year.

I ask, following as always the lead of Juvenal: Qui custodiet ispos custodes?