College vs. Pros--A Dissipation of Hatred

Back when I was an avid College Hoop fan there were always certain players I despised, and these were generally obvious. Think JJ Redick, Mike Dunleavy Jr, Adam Morrison, Steve Wojciechowski, Kirk Hinrich--you get the idea.

Why is it that once some of these guys turned pro my hatred continued unabated (Morrison, Redick, Wojo (as a Duke assistant coach)), while with others the hatred dissipated totally, and I am now able to regard the player as just another numerical cog in the wheel of my life?

Honestly, I no longer hate Mike Dunleavy or Kirk Hinrich. First, what is wrong with me? And second, how is this even possible? Both are totally mediocre in the pros, so it's not like they have won me over through success or anything.

I hated Dunleavy as recently as last year, but now? Nothing. Not even a glimmer of ill-will, which is sadder than anything else.

What is it that has liberated them? Why them and not the others?

Another of life's great mysteries.

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B. Riemann said...

It must be an aversion to a certain collegial enthusiasm mixed with inverse-racial profiling. I mean, just imagine these guys were in the tournament, it would be a disaster! As another college hoops side note, UConn's milestone win over Marquette last night had some amazingly sick moments!