Just when we thought we were out, they pull us back in; the "they" here being those zany and corrupt politicians, of course.

I have been depressed lately. The Obama cabinet picks have been predictably drab, and the lack of new Sarah Palin content has left me feeling like a junkie without a fix. The Turkey Massacre was fun and all, but I need more. So much more.

That said, if there is one thing that always cheers me up, it's a politician caught on a wiretap acting like a svelte hybrid between The Old Testament God, Quentin Tarantino, and Steven Segal. This Blagojevich thing is f'ing priceless in this regard, as has been well-noted.

When a crisis like this breaks, the predictable flood tide of moralizing (led by moralizer in chief Patrick Fitzgerald, how I have missed him) comes out immediately, but it is soon followed by "subtler," more "developed" lines of analysis.

Thus I open up Google Reader to find this story on HP: Blagojevich Described as "Sociopath" in February Magazine Profile. First of all, thank God for LexisNexis, without ye (and Google) what would modern reporting be?

But second of all, a politician a sociopath? No way! Totally unthinkable.

My favorite thing people say about Ted Bundy is when they claim he was a "successful up-and-coming Republican Operative" and then act as if this somehow separates him from the mass of other sociopaths!

I mean seriously, a sociopath is an opportunistic individual, sometimes with obsessive fantasies of domination and control, who exploits others without moral compunction in order to satisfy his whims... And it is a surprise when a politician is profiled as a sociopath?



Salon Radio

I hate how the internet goes to sleep on the weekends, as if such structures as the traditional Judeo-Christian "work week" should have any effect on our 24-7 Multimedia Pundicratic Apparatus!

In that Spirit, I have unearthed a recent interview conducted by our hero, Glenn Greenwald, of noted establishment figure, Bob Woodward.

Check it out:

Glenn Interviews Bob Woodward - Salon Radio with Glenn Greenwald


Just found this

Can't decide if the guy riding is supposed to be Jesus or Jim Caviezel.