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Today Now!: How To Pretend You Give A Shit About The Election

This Death-Media themed clip says what I've been trying to say better, and in a way that is much more hilarious:

Horrific 120-Car Pileup A Sad Reminder Of Princess DianaĆ¢��s Death


Spooky Mirror at a Clown Tent

Okay, remember my post about Senator Kennedy? Now check out Kennedy's statement about Russert's death:
“Tim Russert was a gentleman and giant, not just in politics and journalism but in life. And throughout that life he gave us all a model worth emulating. With a reasoned voice, a sharp mind and a fair hand, Tim took the measure of every Washington official and all those that sought to be one. He was a great journalist and an even better friend. His passing is a tragic loss for us all but especially for the family he loved so much.”
He was a giant, not only in politics, but in reality. As in he was enormously overweight and had clearly been going down hill physically for some time, say those who knew him best. Okay, says Nostradamus, who damn whatever anyone else "claims" did in fact know Russert best, having watched every single Meet the Press since he took over in 1991.
Word on the street is that Russert had a heart-attack after reading this blog post, not because he was included on the list, but because his disciple David Gregory was there. Russert always cared more about his disciples than himself. Always. Just ask Andrea Mitchell.

This may be the most significant journalistic event since the death of Ed Bradley.