Take a look at the picture of Elizabeth Hasselbeck to the left and you will see the face of the modern Republican Party. Shrill, overconfident idiots who will scream at you about WILLIAM AYERS! ACORN! REVEREND WRIGHT! WHY WON'T THE LIBERAL MEDIA COVER THESE THINGS! Can you even imagine how little brain activity is going on in her head at this moment?

Which brings me to THE REAL ISSUES. Lost amid some financial thing going on that, really, who can understand anyway(!), is a major shift in the campaign that's gone unnoticed by the mainstream media. That's right, Hasselbeck clone and VP nominee Sarah Palin has LET HER HAIR DOWN!

Let's see the change- First, her usual librarian porn look:

But now Sarah has let her hair down...

Talk about an OCTOBER SUPRISE! This can't be topped unless Osama rocks a handlebar moustache! But whoever is advising Palin is seriously going astray with this Tammy Wynette deal. She is alienating her core librarian/elementary school teacher fetishists, and for what? A few thousand Sally Jesse Raphael viewers. This is a serious GAFFE and suggests a campaign that can't quite figure out what it's about. In any case, HOW IS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA NOT COVERING THIS FLIP-FLOP! Jeez, I feel like Elizabeth Hasselbeck with this shrill idiocy -- sorry....

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Fundator said...

and i thought this was the news of the day: http://10-14-08.blogspot.com. oh well, karin is getting married this weekend, should be interesting.