Celebrities + Politics = Pure Joy

The thing I will miss most about this election season when it's over will not be the post-debate spin, though I will miss that. And it won't be Chuck Todd's and John King's electoral maps, though I'll miss those too. No, what I will most miss is celebrities' attempts to insert themselves into the political discourse.

The newest example comes in the form of the movie An American Carol. This trash is the brainchild of David Zucker, who was formerly part of the braintrust responsible for The Naked Gun and Airplane! movies but has since stooped to directing late-period Scary Movies and this dreck. The movie is some sort of spoof of Michael Moore and A Christmas Carol. What is it about conservative satire that makes it bad- maybe it's the anti-intellectualism or maybe the witless xenophobia and racism. I mean i enjoy xenophobia and racism as much as the next guy, but make it smart xenophobia and racism! In any case, what interests me about the film is the presence of some major Hollywood stars. Jon Voight- OK I already knew he was insane. James Woods- he is a dick anyway and I knew that from poker chatter. Kelsey Grammer- FRASIER is a conservative?! Jesus christ, how can I ever trust a latte-sipper again? Dennis Hopper- What the fuck? This guy was in Easy Rider, and now he's siding with the party of anti-abortion, gay-hating, race baiters? Fortunately, we have been spared any Drew Carey content.

But it's not just conservatives that interest me. It's liberals too. Take, for example, this Huffington Post item I just read in which George Wendt discusses the current financial crisis:

George Wendt is a Los Angeles-based actor and amateur ornothologist. His autobiography, "From Bar Stools to Birds' Stools: 30 years of Giving Crap and Cleaning it Up" has sold tens of copies since it was self-published in January. He is also known for his acclaimed role as "Norm" on Cheers.

OK I am tired of hearing from these damned economists about how "the causes of the financial crisis are very complicated and interconnected." Who has been President during this crisis and the lead-up to it? Let's see, was it Bill Clinton? No, no, Bill Clinton presided over 8 years of unprecedented prosperity. Was it JFK? No, as I recall he presided over the biggest expansion of the middle class in this country's history. Oh, right, it was GEORGE W. BUSH!

This boy-king hick, his Machiavelli Karl Rove, and his Rasputin Dick Cheney have messed up everything they've put their grubby hands on- Iraq! Katrina! Justice Department!- and the economy is no different! Where did all of us ordinary Americans' money go? To public schools, public transportation and alternative energy infrastructure? Nope. Hmm, where did it go again? Ah yes, TO KBR AND HALLIBURTON AND THE OIL COMPANIES! I'm pretty sure those poor folks wouldn't have defaulted on their mortgages if they weren't paying 200 billion dollars in no-bid contracts to these criminal companies!

So the next time some egghead on TV tries to tell you otherwise, remind him who's really to blame. "Well the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act has actually made banks less likely to fail because they're better capitalized and..." YOU MEAN GEORGE W. BUSH! "Both Democrats and Republicans encouraged the reckless behavior of Fannie and Freddie during the..." RECKLESS BEHAVIOR BY GEORGE W. BUSH! "The housing bubble-" AND BY THAT YOU MEAN THE GEORGE W BUSH BUBBLE! That's a pretty apt metaphor actually. Let's burst this George W. Bush Bubble by rejecting John McSame and electing Barack Obama! Yes, We Can!

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Nostradamus said...

Amazing Wendt content. What would Richard Moll say?