Least Favorite Celebrities

Who would you name, if you had to list your three least favorite celebrities? Here's my list:

#3 Terry Gross

It's hard not to hate Terry Gross, I know, so this choice should come as no surprise. Nevertheless, if one needs an additional reason to detest this despicable, abominably overexposed publicity maven, I find no better justification than that provided by Wikipedia:
...in a famous essay, Illinois State University professor Curtis White trenchantly criticized Gross and her show as the "prime example" of a certain type of cultural and intellectual rot in American culture.
Case closed. If Curtis White finds her vapid, how can anyone challenge the assertion? I mean, White is our foremost cultural critic! Foremost! I mean he teaches at Illinois State, the strongest academic program in America. The strongest!

#2 Anfernee HardawayOne of the happiest moments of my life was the day this total jerk had microfracture surgery. Ha! How's the career going, Penny? Oh right, it's like so totally over it's not even funny! Ha! That's what you get for not signing an autograph for me in 1995. You deserved every moment of your subsequent mediocrity.

#1 Kadeem HardisonAnd you thought Urkel was lame!

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Rich said...

personally, i can't believe that terry gross even shows her face in public after being "trenchantly criticized" by an illinois state professor.

i would also add Arlo Harshenstein to my least favorite celebrities list.