A Few Things

I like the Biden call. I was calling for Chuck Hegel (deliberate misspelling), but that was just craziness on my part. Biden is much better. I think he's pretty sharp and he actually gets good lines in once in a while, which is important, if not too important:

Moving on, I don't really buy the government's case against Bruce Ivins, and neither does my new favorite blogger, Glenn Greenwald (sorry Rich!). Check out his superb anthrax posts.

I've been trying to expand my internet horizons, which had become somewhat overly routinized. If anyone has any must read blogs/sites with a political bent, please let me hear 'em.

Also, I'm so glad Rachel Maddow has her own show. I am a huge Maddow fan, as many of you know, and I know she won't let me down. That said, I was almost moved to tears by this:
We will miss you DA. I hated your show, and it was completely Court TV esque and trashy, but I'll still miss you.


Rich said...

truly a touching post. my parents were crushed by the abrams news.

Rich said...

also, why the ivins apology to me?