Wow... And You Thought Russert's death was Awkward

So Tony Snow is dead. I saw this one coming (I know, I'm a real sage, predicting someone with colon cancer is going to die, great call... BTW, anyone have an over/under on when Elizabeth Edwards dies from her (somewhat) recently returned cancer? Not to be morbid or anything, but this is a blog about death and the media after all...).

Anyway, Tony Snow crossed the line, big time. I keep reading that he was a great "journalist" and "commentator" (funny how especially Bush and McCain seem to feel this way, whereas MSNBC.com merely posts the generic AP Obit... Classy, on both fronts!), but in reality Tony Snow was little more than a brazenly partisan hack, so much so that he actually took the job as White House Press Secretary! In my mind this eternally disqualifies him from being seen as any kind of journalist, and it puts his "commentary" into the same bin as Karl Rove's, Terry McAuliffe's, James Baker's, etc. I mean, once you've actually worked for a president, especially in a role as public as press secretary, it pretty much has to discredit everything else you've done up until that point, no?

Yes, we all knew Tony Snow was conservative before he became press sec, and that is fine, but we didn't know he was willing to blatantly throw caution to the wind and just lie lie lie for the administration. We might have suspected as much, but it is actually surprisingly rare when we receive utter, unabashed confirmation of such suspicions. And now he's dead.

And what's worse than that, we have to hear/read constant tributes to what a good "person" he was. Bullshit. That guy was an apologist for one of the worst governments our country has had (in a while). Simple as that.

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Dan said...

nice work - though i think there is a song coming out that may refute this take on snow...