Great Unpublished Books

So I'm watching Stone Phillips interview Jeffrey Dahmer and his parents back in 93... Classic interview, completely boring, mostly just the father trying to blame the mother, the mother denying she did anything wrong, and Dahmer just acting completely disengaged and boring the whole time.

However a definite high-point occurs when we learn that Mrs. Dahmer is working on a book, not just about her son but about her negative depiction by the media and her ex- husband... The title is the best part: An Assault on Motherhood!

Amazingly, though the book was never published, I have obtained a brief rider for the volume, containing this snippet:

Hello. My name is Joyce Flint. You might know me as the mother of the monster. My son Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 men, mutilating and eating some. He also made some men into living zombies. But I'm not a monster, and neither was Jeff. I'm a mother. I'm a mother and a good one at that. I am. Despite all the killing... And yes, I've heard about the mummified head and penis he kept in a box. At Thanksgiving. But I was a good mother, even when I wasn't there and Jeff was left alone to felate and then murder a hitchhiker. I was damn good. I did me some mean mothering, and look at what you've all given me to show for it!!! Why!!! Ah, fuck it, this is pointless... Dahmer lives!

Wow, juicy stuff. Wonder why this never went to press?