A Spot o' News, Govnah?

I'm so back. Sorry for the long absence, no real explanation.

On to business: Check out this story, which I subtitle simply "Perfect Retirement." I bet Danny Ainge wishes this story was about him, as drawing #5 was truly a worse-case-scenario for the Celtics... All I pray is that Yi Jianlain falls to them in the draft... Congrats to Portland, I hope my boys stay in Oregon and build a phat dynasty there.

While we're at it, how on have my Sopranos calls been? Christopher? Clipped by Tony, in a Michael Schiavo-esque moment of "mercy." AJ? Kid tries to drown himself. Can any one say suicidal ideation brought on by anti-depressants? This hasn't been in the news at all. Has terrorism? Asbestos?

Last two episodes? Meadow and Patsy Jr. have to figure big, I would say not as victims. Janice has been curiously absent in this "resurgence of Livia" plot so far... I would look for Agent Harris to serve some Horatio like role at the series conclusion. I also think Sil, Paulie, Bobby, Carmela, Jannice, AJ, Junior and Furio have to die. Either that or go to prison forever or be otherwise destroyed.

Anything less than this will leave me with an extremely sour, metallic taste in my mouth.


Sopranos Predictions

Okay, it's been exactly a month (tomorrow) since I posted, and I apologize for my absence.

In the interim, I have (happily) been accepted to a PhD Program, and more importantly adopted a new cat, the mischievous and (not for long) un-neutered Carlos. Yes, I now have three cats, and their names are Deep, Dark, and Carlos. In my defense, Carlos came (from our local deli) pre-named, not that I have any problem with the name, it's just some people have expressed amusement, or perhaps, more adroitly, bemusement at the seeming incongruity.

On to more important matters.

As many of you know and are no doubt enjoying, the final "half-season" of The Sopranos is currently airing with only 4 (gasp) episodes left. I have a few predictions to make.

AJ Soprano will experience some kind of manic/psychotic episode related to both his recent Lexapro prescription and "frat" activities. This will have tragic reverberations.

Christopher will either turn or get clipped before he is able to commit any more murders like the gratuitous shooting of JT Dolan.

Tony will go down, big time, as a result of Christopher in combination with Eugene Pontecorvo's murder of that guy in Boston.

The Russian will not figure at all in the climax of the series.

That's it for now.