Grizzly Adams

Okay, so this dates me in a weird way, I guess... Recently, people have been saying I look a lot like Grizzly Adams (pictured above), or am at least trying to, in my present aspect.

Having recently attended a party at my parents, I chuckled knowingly at a few such cracks throughout the night. Of course, I had no idea who Grizzly Adams was. In fact, I assumed he was a member of Addams Family I had forgotten about. You know, like Cousin It's older brother or something... I'm not without self-awareness, I assumed this joke was a commentary on my somewhat bedraggled appearance...

Time and again I explained, no, in fact I am attempting to replicate the look of Kurt Cobain circa 1993 in order to more fully experience his musical and creative influence. People seemed to understand where I was coming from.

Eventually, I got around to googling Grizzly Adams and learned he's some kind of (fictional) environmentalist trapper who communes in the mountains while fleeing a murder conviction (OJ Simpson much? Oh wait, this bears no relation to The Juice, except in the twisted hollow that is my sickened mind)... In short, exactly the look I was going for... Ugh.

When will the baby-boomers die so we can finally be rid of their inane cultural references?


Dan said...

here here. The Boomers are the only thing standing between me and Jeopardy glory

Beneficent Allah said...

In Iran we'd just call you a "beardy-weirdy"

Anonymous said...

Dude me too WTH is with these people.
Same generation for me too.(F Boomers)
Soon they'll be ridin their huvarounds all in my sidewalk space
Beard comments UGH!!
(I think i look more like that other guy with the beard. What's his name again? oh yeah! CHUCK NORRIS!!) AHHH
But seriously I feel ya man.

Anonymous said...

The photo you dipicted as "Grizzly Adams" is inaccurate.

The photo dipicted of a man named, "Dan Haggarty" and among many roles he did portray a man named, "James Adams" who is known to have left civilization not by his own choosing due to trumped up murder charges.

The signifigance of the legend of "James Grizzly Adams" is the fact that he did this without any prior knowledge of wildnerness survival. A dedicated and resourceful person who made his life among the wildlife and wilderness abyss to keep his freedom and very life which was being threatened by the very government that prides itself in cleche of the same values and principles; Liberty and freedom.

If you are going to tell a story, tell it right.

James "Grizzly" Adams
Born October 12, 1812
Died October 25, 1860

I believe you are right, you are no Grizzly Adams, in fact you would not make a pimple on the ass of what was once a great and resourceful man.

However, you may find solice that like Kurt Cobain, "Dan Haggarty" also became a drug addict. That is the reason NBC cancelled the show. Last I heard he was selling log cabins named after him for a company attempting to live off his mediocore spot of fame from the TV show.

You go ahead and be like Dan Haggarty and Kurt Cobain...In the end you will just be another drug addict I will not have to deal with.

Anonymous said...

You Tube Video

Nostradamus said...

At least I know how to spell, dick.

Anonymous said...

Congradulations on your correct spelling of a four letter word.

Ignorant snot nosed punk.

Anonymous said...

Dan Haggarty Coke Head Link

Nostradamus said...

Okay. So I am ignorant. And I respond hostilely only after you wish upon me a life of Cobain like drug addiction... Dude, your "correction" regarding the historical GA was totally beside the point; the people who were comparing me to him a year ago were comparing me to the fiction, not the man. You understood this, and yet you persisted in your correction. Well played. My pointing out your spelling error(s) was only a means of drawing attention to the irony of a hypocritical editor. Have you looked at the rest of the blog? I'm sure there is much you could take issue with.

Nostradamus said...

You know, hostility aside, I enjoyed this immensely, and would welcome more corrections/objections to the material here, so fire away. And happy holidays, while we're at it!

Anonymous said...

You might wish to read your opening story a little more closer. You yourself proclaimed you were looking to mimick Cobain. This was your desire, not mine.

Secondly, you described James Adams as a fictional character. He was not. The series was based on a true story dating back to the 1800's. Dan Haggarty portrayed a factual person, not fictional.

Well played indeed, I knew the difference and apparently you did not. The closing statement was devised to get your attention of how silly it is to idolize a dead drug addict.

Perhaps you will put some thought into this and not end up like him. Then again, maybe not.

Drugs do not solve the pressures of life. Only a stone sober mind can do that. Unfortunately he is not around to tell you this.

I saw alot of my friends years ago idolize Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin...They did not fare well either and fell by the same sword.

Want to idolize someone? Find someone worth idolizing.

Anonymous said...

How's that, better? lmao