Gangster Behavior

No, don't worry this isn't a Cosby-style moralizing tirade, merely a tribute to some amazing behavior by one JR Smith:
A 22-year-old Englewood woman told police she was at the DC10 club in Denver when Smith poured Moet champagne on her, according to a summons charging the guard with assault, destruction of property, and disturbing the peace.

As the club closed for the night, the woman said Smith "apologized to the victim. Then (he) changed attitude and spit on her, used his hand to push her face, and tore her dress," according to the police report.

The woman called police, who arrived to find her in the torn dress. She had no other apparent injuries, the report said.

Smith, 22, then told the officer "he was very (drunk and) doesn't remember everything" that happened at the club, according to the officer's notes on the summons.
Now that is what I'm talking about. I love the "apologizing turns to spitting-in-face" aspect of this story; that seems like such a classic, blasted, egotistical athlete thing to do. With his inhibitions lowered, even the pretense of apologizing to this woman angered JR so much he had no choice but to spit in her face and assault her!

Then after the police show up he admits he's too tanked to remember what happened! Great move, the law is really sympathetic to the "black-out defense." It's too bad this happened, because prior to his moronic brawl at MSG (by moronic I mean awesome) last year, JR was having a pretty great season, and he seemed like a real surprise "steal" for the Nuggets, who got him basically for nothing from Chicago...

Anyway, great work, my man, keep it up. Things like this help keep the basketball element of this blog alive!


Mulatto Jesus said...

Actions like these should be promoted rather than shunned but for their entertainment value if nothing else. Still, the chick should feel honored she was spit on by an decent NBA player, and not clout the justice system with a frivolous attempt to dig into his pockets.

Beneficent Allah said...

Why did she get so upset about a little Mo to begin with? During droughts, I use it to shower.