So I was on my way to work and stopped into a Starbucks (I know, I know, coffee houses are notorious dens of liberal ideology. Believe me, I would go anywhere else if I could, but literally all of the other shops in my neighborhood have been driven out of business by the corporate beast, which is quite right and as it should be) in order to steal myself into a caffeine haze before entering that den of (my) oppression, the office.

Upon receiving my "medium" coffee (I refuse to indulge in their ugly foreign sizing nomenclature) and before I could object the cashier had pressed a card into my hand saying "Here is your free song of the day! Have a great day!" I grunted something under my breath and moved quickly out of the store, glancing down as I reached the safety of the sidewalk to see what song I had "won"...

Annie Lennox. I seem to remember her music from my youth. In particular, I remember hating it. Oh well. I turned to throw the card away, but my inner-thrift took over; unable to "waste" something of even perceived value given to me ever, I stowed the card and forgot about it.

Upon getting home, I downloaded the song. Totally odious. Odious.

Then I find myself looking on my favorite site, Drudge Report this afternoon and what do I come upon, but this story that reminds one of how great and wonderful America is:
University of Colorado police are looking into an incident at Macky Auditorium on Tuesday night during which a man, dressed in a black cape and wearing a gas mask, approached the stage where British singer Annie Lennox was performing and frightened her into retreating backstage.

CU Police Sgt. Gary Arai said the man, a 32-year-old Denver resident, was escorted out of the building by security around 9:30 p.m. and the concert resumed.

"A fellow who was dressed in a black cape, platform boots and a gas mask approached the stage," Arai said. "Lennox saw him coming and threw down her microphone and went backstage."
My only thought: finally, someone appropriately outraged by a bad song of the day!


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Arlo Harshenstein said...

Why would I ever do that? I hate that bastard, think his posts are mediocre, and find his general demeanor to be somewhere between miscreant and rascal. And I find the historical individual from whom his moniker is thieved to be utterly inane. But I guess this is his blog, so I suppose your comment has some mild relevance after all, hesitant as I am to bestow any merit upon anything you say.