The King is Dead

I am going to miss Richard Jewell. I always made a point of scanning TV Guide (which I subscribe to faithfully, despite its total obsolescence) during NBC's outstanding coverage of the world's "greatest" sporting competition, hoping to come across some episode of Montel featuring Jewell as a guest. Damn those shows were special, the bloated former-scapegoat, his torpid body tumid from diabetes, his fate sealed by the mere word "suspected." In fact, Jewell was a hero. He actually saved people, and was alert on the scene. But someone thought he was the bomber. So he's dead. Simple as that. Welcome home, Nostradamus, welcome home Richard Jewell.

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Scott Winston said...

was it a Carbo-Bomb? I might be doing a story on this. Please call me to discuss further. Cheers, Mate!