If I Did It... Highlight

Eric from Delino forwarded me a .pdf of OJ's aborted "fictional" book about the murder of his wife and her friend. I have to say it is one of the more bizarre documents I've encountered, and its blurring of the line between "truth" and "hypothesis" is comical (it basically involves a blanket statement like, "Okay, now remember this is all hypothetical" and we are expected to keep that in mind for like the next 39 pages!)... That said, the real highlight is this bit, which comes just as OJ and his mysterious friend Charlie arrive at Nicole's Bundy condo, and as OJ is making his way through Nicole's gate:
The buzzer didn't work properly, and the gate opened if you gave it a little push. I must have told her a million times—"Please get the goddamn gate fixed!"—but the woman never listened.

Right, so as OJ is describing the "hypothetical" story of how he killed his ex-wife, he manages to get in one last barb about her failures as a domestic partner, i.e. she didn't fix the broken gate like he told her to, so as a result he was able to break into the yard and murder her! Talk about "I told you so!"


Eric said...

Hat tip, Todd S.

Beneficent Allah said...

women never learn