Barren Wastelands of Flesh

We walk about our world. We seek the richer, tastier fruits of life. And yet again and again, a paradox presents itself. How can we be happy if our hope is only the unmitigated pleasure we perceive happiness to be, and not a true happiness that resides beyond, that we sense only through a dusty window, mutely...

Oh woe upon man, woe upon the woe of man!

I feel like we have passed something by. Something that we should have bought is now sold out. A fragrance we were to have concocted in our labs is still unsmelt. No amount of worrying or kvetching on our parts can make the past repeat itself, with a difference, oh a crucial difference!

If history is a wine press, and we the grapes of wrath, then our blood is the mixed in beaks of crows caught trying to steal a greedy sip.

Those were halcyon days, those days when the tremulous buzz of a constant bore wrought our minds over subjects near and far... You know what I am talking about. 2005. The greatest year ever, for reasons too obvious and numerous to list.

It's now 2007. We're no longer even adjacent to the glory. And nothing, not even the pathetic site of Nancy Pelosi and a gaggle of youths, can lend us any hope that these days will be such days as those.


Anonymous said...

From Vlad the Impaler to the Old Coppernose, Europe undoubtedly has the greatest aliases of all time. This is a tribute to them.

Vlad the Impaler
Bloody Mary
Arnulf the Bad
Henry I the Fowler
Charles the Fat
Günther von Schwarzburg
Barbe-Torte (Alan II)
William I the Bastard
The Black Prince (Edward II)
Boleslave III the Blind
Ismail the Bloodthirsty
Basil II the Bulgar-Slayer
Ingle I the Crouchback
Sviatopolk the Damned
Murad the God-Like One
Hairy Breeches (Ragnar Lodbrok)
Louis V the Indolent
Basarab Ţepeluş cel Tânăr the Little Impaler
Alfonso II the Troubadour
Fox of Mecklenburg: Albert II of Mecklenburg
The Duchess of Pork: Sarah, Duchess of York
Fat Billy: William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland
Hammer of the Scots": Edward I of England
He of the Little Dagger: Peter IV of Aragon
The Huckster King: Henry VII of England
The Iron Chancellor: Prince Otto von Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg
Lion of the North: Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden
Old Coppernose: Henry VIII of England
The Scourge of God: Attila the Hun
Thief of Cairo: Farouk of Egypt
The Universal Spider: Louis XI of France

Mulatto Jesus said...

Good call on 2005 being a sweet year. I loved that year.

Dan said...

Bruce Springsteen said it best:

Glory Blogging Days,
They'll pass you by,
Glory Blogging Days,
in the blink of Terri Schiavo's persistently vegetative eye,
Glory Blogging Dayyyyyys