Retrospective: The Look of Marianne Moore

Have you ever wondered what the great Poet Marianne Moore looked like? Really looked like?

I have. Oh, I have. Features to point out: the Hat, the dark colors, the "Puritan" vibe. The chimp she appears to be petting in the image to the left... What was she hoping to learn from the young chimp?

Vital "quotable" capsular style, of course. What else is there for a syllabic rhythmicist like Moore? Perhaps the rampant, animalistic intensity of a creature born without staunch, puritanical inhibitions? Perhaps a southern-gone-northern west-gone-easter like Marianne could relate to the chimp in its alienated majesty.
Here's Marianne at a college reunion. She attended an all-girls liberal arts college. It is unclear whether this hat was a required part of the reunion wardrobe or whether Marianne wore it as an expression of, what else, style! Marianne lived an extremely long life, during which time she had many opportunities not to evolve in terms of fashion, lifestyle, attitude, politics, you get the drift. In short, though she was a great poet, in many ways, Marianne was exactly like every other cranky old person you have ever met. But at least she wore that hat.

This is our here bonnet-less lass at an early date, about to read some of her Modernist obscurities no doubt to a baffled crowd of patronizingly ignorant admirers. It's a wonder Moore had the poise to smile for this photo, what with the grim prospect of another total misunderstanding before her. It's a wonderful testament to her eloquence of mood as well as to her tranquility of mode that Marianne was as well intentioned as to smile before such an ignominious doom. Here she is at the beginning of it all, wearing a swell hat (this was around 1908) getting ready no doubt for a gala ball with the gentlemen of Princeton or Penn. What twisted words must she have wrought from the drunken babblings of oversauced young wealth-pots, sex-craving mud hounds of the grip talk-- How you have stained me Marianne... Promise me, promise me, you will never delightfully smile as a man sips tea beside you, leaning in so as not to spill any tea except for perhaps a bit in the saucer, oh let this never come to pass and I will be happy... Please, give me at least this note of dignity in my squalid, fact obsessed life!

No! No! No! No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!No! No! No!


New Song

A new song, in honor of a new marriage--->

Without further ado, I give you:

Let it Go

Please Let This Be True...

...If she really runs I will be in heaven. We finally know "where she's gone"... To Washington!?


New Content

Finished the New Schiavo Song. It's a masterpiece of lo-fi superabundance, extremely over the top, of course--

But since I'm up in VT and don't have access to my hosting server it's going to be a few days before I can post this shit for you allz.

As to a request made by Dan, there will be a retrospective on the debacle/media-masterpiece that was Woodstock '99 (Hosted in my fourth favorite place, Rome, New York) very soon. D/M has been on official vacation as I work on more songs for the Movie CD.



Congratulations. I'm working on a song for you Mr. Schiavo. Ta ta for now!


We Get Results

D/M spoke, and now Virginia Tech is listening. Way to go, Marcus, BTW, for pulling that gun on those people. I felt totally vindicated, having so ardently defended you... Keep up the good work, keep me honest.

Waiting for Rich to send me the video...

In the meantime, entertain yourselves by enjoying the voracious good looks of my friend, Romulus.


Too Little Too Late

Now that the firestorm over New Orleans has faded and we have entered the "oh, hey what's going on in New Orleans" stage of the whole Katrina debacle, Michael Brown has finally come out and said that he deserves most of the blame for FEMA's slow response time.

As the title says, this is too little too late. Why isn't that "You're doing a great job, Brownie" as infamous as "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"? We have a liberal media, but I guess until we have a liberal clergy, no amount of liberal bias in the media will matter one iota.

Incidentally, working on a new song, inspired by some words today over the phone from Actual Rod.

Double incidentally, saw Andrew Sullivan on Colbert last night. Stephen let Sullivan give a pretty soulful appeal for gay rights, and Sullivan did a good job of hiding his nasty conservative side. In general I find Sullivan to be a pretty fair dealer, so for that he has my respect... In matters political we have a few differences of opinion.

New Critters

Watch out, or my new best friend Pseudo-Scorpion will use his fatality on you!

Now That's What I'm Talking About

Finally, someone who knows how to promote himself!


Blog Party

It was wonderful to finally meet Finnegan, great to have Jeremy for a time, tremendous to perform, delightful to engage, enlightening to explore, riveting to describe, impossible to ignore, ridiculous to decline.

It was a very fine time.

In the words of the immortal Longfellow:

"We should have blog parties all the time."


Blog Party!!!

That's right, devoted readers, there is a blog party this Saturday at The Prophecy Nest. I've sent out e-mails to a number of my compatriots with the specifics. I want things to get going around 9 so people who have other, cooler things to do can still get out and do them, if they care to. Needless to say, there will be plenty to eat and drink!

In the spirit of video professor ("Please try my product"), I beg you:

"Please come to my blog party."

Should be a fest for the ages, and I especially hope to see Finnegan and Jeremy in the house...

Save Our Colliseum

Oops, too late!


A Great Day

Happy birthday Tom. We at Death/Media LOVE your work. Please post more. We can't wait.


Graft! Calumny! Outrage

Guzzle down your toasts to Harriet Miers! Guzzle them, damn it! The time for election is here, the time for the burning of the ceremonial John Starks jersey, the day of reckoning, the day of the, yes, the DANCE-ATHON! Get out your white face-paint, put on your sandals that have been pre-coated with marmalade, wrap about you the stole discarded as a useless prop by Meryl Streep, it is your triumph as you wind, wind it about your slithering form and rise on the wire-rigging of the stage deeper into the heart of man, as you dance, a figment twirling in the dreams of lesser infidels! The coat-hanger in the background must always be your emblem, as you jam your life down the window on a quest to unlock the mysterious car door of consciousness. You are not in a burlesque, oh no, rather, you are a faint devourer, a sardine eating catfish air-depriver, you, as it must be noted, are, among all the teeming flesh of the rotten city, the one bit of crucifiable love!



The jig is up!!!

Greetings from THE FUTURE!

As condition of my return to D/MIMRITF, I am required by law (and Nostradamus) to post some information about the future which I as a time-travelling vampire of course know all about. I never mentioned that I could travel time before? Of course I have.

In the future people live in illumined three-sectioned towers like the one pictured, or in pod-like dome buildings joined to the towers by mechanical transport tubes. The entire planet has been rendered plaster smooth by an abundance of chemicals and fierce winds that run unobstructed on the earth's now water-free surface (the water was all used to power hydrogen fusion reactors several centuries ago). In addition, the only movies that anyone ever watches from our era in the future are Tron and Pi. It's pretty weird.

As to the future of America, let's just say that it ain't pretty. And that it don't have shit to do with Islam. I don't want to give anything away, but, well, the Soviet Union rises again and this time overpowers a hapless America. It's really bad. Really f'ing bad.

Anyway, hope everyone has a salad tonight, don't want to get heart disease!


Killer News

It's over Yankees.

Secretaries Comport Themselves DISGRACEFULLY!

I understand that Madeline Albright and Colin Powell may not approve of the administration's policies, but could they at least have the decency to look at the camera?

Marcus Vick: You have been WRONGED!

Honestly, poor-sportsmanship or not, anyone who has ever played football knows that there are moments when even the most level-headed, prophetical of individuals becomes, well, a little caught up. Did this ever lead me to "stomp" anyone? No, but if there had been cameras I would have. Definitely.

What has Marcus done that any of us didn't do in college? Aside from light up the scoreboard with his electric talent, nothing. So he gave alcohol to a fifteen and fourteen year-old while possibly looking to "score". I did that yesterday. And this morning. And many times while still in college. I also was busted for driving with a suspended license, soliciting crack cocaine and twice for public urination. So what? Did I lose my "scholarship"? Of course not. Did my discretions give my school as much of a public black eye? Of course.

Okay, so my discretions never even happened. What of it? Had they I doubt I would have been expelled. Marcus, on the other hand, is being discriminated against basically because he's Michael Vick's brother. This is kind of like a Janet Jackson situation (had she not been Michael's sister the Super Bowl fiasco would never have been so overblown). If Marcus didn't have the burden of living up to his brother's past successes (and relatively clean lifestyle), there's no way he'd be made into such a public whipping boy.

On an another note, damn is Vince Young nasty.

And, on yet another note, those of you who think b riemann and The ACTUAL Scrod are just aliases for Nostradamus/Feratu are full of shit. I swear on my life they are both separate individuals (and separate from each other). Actual Rod, your doubt pains me most of all. The only good part of it is that you truly don't realize how wrong you are. Muwahahahahahah!


Ahoy! from The ACTUAL Scrod

That's right -- a new contributor to Death/Media for the New Year!

But gentlemen, this contributor will offer more than just an evanescent "newness" AND more than the mixed bag of politics and personal vengeance that currently dominate blog market. The mission statement of ACTUAL Scrod is to radically alter the programming of the blogosphere, to provide two things that it sorely lacks: namely, messages of hope and unbiased coverage of our animal cousins (edible and otherwise).

Why didn't the Bergers think of this, those masterminds of genre innovation? Perhaps too much ESPN. In any case, we are proud to say that Nostradamus, our collegial host, predicts that ACTUAL Scrod will become as indispensable to the blogosphere as "Animal Planet" is to cable television.

Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, ACTUAL Scrod presents a real cat who is the personification of all the values ACTUAL Scrod plans to promote. Tommy the Tabby can see, feel, touch, and, miraculously, heal.

Take heart, ACTUAL Rod. There is a Santa Paws.

He's Back!

And even more unnecessary and without logical humorous purpose than ever!

Salaam! Shalom! Peace! What is the original Christian tongue? Coptic? Greek? Hebrew?

Who cares?

All I know is that.......

I vant to suck your blood!



Thought I was going to hate it.

Boy was I wrong.

I'm sure Finnegan will hate it.

I thought it was absolutely amazing. Shocking. Tony Kushner at his finest, which is to say his most restrained... This really blew me away. Spielberg actually impressed me with this one. I know, insanity!

Greatest People Ever Revisited

Riemann made a good point yesterday by posting that wonderful image of Tark the Shark, and that point was simple: we need to bring more people out of the woodwork. A shitload more.

Let's get going: Hetty Green (no relation to Lucy, notice the lack of an 'e') was long represented in the GBOWR (if you don't know that acronym, you can kindly browse elsewhere) as the world's biggest miser. She allegedly once took her son, who had broken his leg, away from a hospital to avoid paying medical bills. Naturally, the son lost the leg. Anyway, I've always been a huge fan of misers far and wide, from Mr. Boffin in Our Mutual Friend who obsessively reads biographies of other misers, to that illustrious miser of today, Qaddafi. What am I talking about, you ask? I'll be damned if I'm going to take time to answer your hypothetical questions.

Happy New Year

I've got a stupendous New Years card which I will produce in the next few days.

In the meantime, saw two movies tonight.

Brokeback Mountain was really great. I give it a 9.1 out of 10. To frame this somewhat, American Beauty got a 7.9, American History X an 8.4, and American Pie a 2.4.

Syriana was a bit of a let down after contemplating the ramifications of gay love, but this is of course in the nature of things. I would give it a hearty 8.0, just because George Clooney gets killed. If Matt Damon had died, definite 9 potential... Oh well. Not bad for an obvious spy novel adaptation.

Here is my vista for 2006. I give you, Newman Road: