Natalee Holloway Video Update

As you may have noticed, the coverage of the Holloway disappearance has faded substantially since the lawsuit against the Van Der Sloots was dismissed. It's time we changed that.

To begin we'll check out the words of one Dave Holloway, author of Aruba, and father of Natalee as interviewed by some clown from Fox News last April:
I guess it is possible that the Aruban authorities are as corrupt as he insinuates, but what's with dragging the whole country's reputation into this? As we all know, Natalee Holloway didn't follow good advice!

Here is an hilarious Inside Edition spot on a Joran sighting by some deranged would-be Paparazzo:

Poor guy. I like Joran, in the same way I like Emmanuel Lewis, or Bubbles. You know what I mean, as a pathetic, most likely pathologically evil freak of nature to be gazed upon with a blend of fascination and horror... Anyway, this bitch has taken it one step too far. Even I wouldn't stoop so low! Check this: That's the un-"doctor-philed Deepak interview segment. I increasingly believe these cats had nothing to do with this at all.

That's all for now, but let's hope some more thrushes of news emerge from the brush for us to devour.


Anonymous said...

Some "thrushes":

I'd be interested to see what Nostra has to say about the made-for-Death-Media story of Anna Nicole Smith's son's tragic death -- by heart attack -- while Ms. Smith was giving birth -- in the same room!!!!

Either that or the recent proposal to immunize our administration against war crimes... while Saddam's on trial for same...

seems it's time again to ask: What Would Chuck Norris Do? (WWCND)

Rich said...

the way they talk about joran on inside edition is outrageous. he's just a nice young man.