An Amazing Day

Lucy and I made a pilgrimage into New York yesterday and happily met up for a delicious dinner with those twin blogging dynamo's Dan and Rich Berger at the fabulous Mediterraneo on 66th and 2nd.

After enjoying a tidy meal, we retired to the Berger Estate. A framed photo of Johnny Messina of Antoine's Restaurant greeted us upon our entry. Below it was an autographed Bulldog Burrito menu, with every reference to "Guac" on the menu underscored in crayon. "Aruba (Dutch Paradise)" was playing on a constant loop, interspersed occasionally with some of Weird Al's greatest hits and a bootleg version of "Cindy Sheehan". I felt as if I had finally come home.

My favorite part about Chez Berger, however, had to be the amazing media center that is the center of the castle... Think of it as the throne from which emanates the voice of the king. Four TV's are set up, each one tuned to Fox News. Dan explained to me that there were also four separate TiVo's set to record every other MSM news broadcast. At night, Dan and Rich take turns transcribing the broadcasts of the day and then rigorously comparing notes in order to form the most informed opinion of the day's events ever formed.

Each night at 6 AM each Berger drinks a guac shake specially prepared by Jason Congdon. These shakes reduce the bloggers' need for sleep by infusing their veins with avocado nutrients, producing what Congdon refers to in his writings as "the guac effect." After only an hour's sleep, it's up and at 'em again for the blogging Bergers who half-heartedly go through the motions at their respective "real" jobs for eight hours before the cycle of absorption and distribution begins again...

I hope this has been educational.

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Rich said...

he's back! how did you recount such an accurate description of the night's events without transcribing them in our presence? brilliant stuff. also, we're thinking of adding a fifth TV to put in the middle of an X-shaped viewing pattern.