K. T. MacFarland: Keystone Kops All The Way

So I was reading a truly informative piece of journalism about the Republicans' (for once) woefully mismanaged attempt to challenge Hillary Clinton in the 2006 Senate election when I found a reference to that delightful band of bunglers, the Keystone Kops.

Keystone Kops, I have always assumed, refers to some 1970's "CHiPs"-style show that I just haven't seen, a show that focuses on the hilarious bumbling of a group of well-intentioned, good-looking police men, possibly with motorcycles. Right? This is what everyone thinks, right?

Wrong. Dead wrong. In fact, the real Keystone Kops were featured in a sequence of silent films that were made from 1912-1917! I was blown away by this revelation, honestly, I had no idea that phrase referred to something so old... But knowing this, I am perhaps more troubled than I was... I now have no way of explaining how something from ninety years ago has retained currency when someone like Hammer (gold chain jingle to Rich) seems hopelessly dated... Who can explain?


Alex said...

Hey, dude. Who are you, actually?

b riemann said...

are you saying you no longer find "2 legit 2 quit" relevant??