American Value

You know, just the other day I was looking for a battery in my house when to my horror I found that I had run out of batteries! I also noted that I was nearly out of paper towels and oatmeal packages as well. This called for drastic action.

I ran down to my car, hopped in, and sped up I-91, got off at Exit 8, drove through a couple of lights, and then took a right into a spacious, open-air Wal-Mart parking lot. From my car it was a short walk to the main entrance, where I was greeted by a friendly salesperson. Having visited Wal-Marts religiously for the past six years wherever I travel in America, I know the general lay-out of the stores. Therefore I headed straight for the cleaning supplies, stopping to grab a bunch of batteries which had been marked down to an incredible price) on the way. After getting the paper-towels, I moved briskly to the supermarket area where I was happy to find Quaker oats on sale for half the price of what I would have found at my local, immigrant run deli... "Ain't that America!" I thought to myself as I paid for my purchases. "Thank God for the Stars and Stripes, and thank God for Wal-Mart!"

By the way, I may not be blogging for a few days, I'm taking an all-expenses-paid vacation.

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Dan said...

very funny post, nostra great job