Greetings from THE FUTURE!

As condition of my return to D/MIMRITF, I am required by law (and Nostradamus) to post some information about the future which I as a time-travelling vampire of course know all about. I never mentioned that I could travel time before? Of course I have.

In the future people live in illumined three-sectioned towers like the one pictured, or in pod-like dome buildings joined to the towers by mechanical transport tubes. The entire planet has been rendered plaster smooth by an abundance of chemicals and fierce winds that run unobstructed on the earth's now water-free surface (the water was all used to power hydrogen fusion reactors several centuries ago). In addition, the only movies that anyone ever watches from our era in the future are Tron and Pi. It's pretty weird.

As to the future of America, let's just say that it ain't pretty. And that it don't have shit to do with Islam. I don't want to give anything away, but, well, the Soviet Union rises again and this time overpowers a hapless America. It's really bad. Really f'ing bad.

Anyway, hope everyone has a salad tonight, don't want to get heart disease!

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Rich said...

great post nosferatu! i especially love the tron and pi concept.