Blog Party!!!

That's right, devoted readers, there is a blog party this Saturday at The Prophecy Nest. I've sent out e-mails to a number of my compatriots with the specifics. I want things to get going around 9 so people who have other, cooler things to do can still get out and do them, if they care to. Needless to say, there will be plenty to eat and drink!

In the spirit of video professor ("Please try my product"), I beg you:

"Please come to my blog party."

Should be a fest for the ages, and I especially hope to see Finnegan and Jeremy in the house...


Rich said...

my dreams have come true...too bad mulatto jesus is not in town...oops, lofty boner beat him up and took his blog

Lofty Boner said...

Damn Straight. Hey we're having a birthday party for Ted later that night. All are welcome. There is a $10 cover since I got to make bail.