Ahoy! from The ACTUAL Scrod

That's right -- a new contributor to Death/Media for the New Year!

But gentlemen, this contributor will offer more than just an evanescent "newness" AND more than the mixed bag of politics and personal vengeance that currently dominate blog market. The mission statement of ACTUAL Scrod is to radically alter the programming of the blogosphere, to provide two things that it sorely lacks: namely, messages of hope and unbiased coverage of our animal cousins (edible and otherwise).

Why didn't the Bergers think of this, those masterminds of genre innovation? Perhaps too much ESPN. In any case, we are proud to say that Nostradamus, our collegial host, predicts that ACTUAL Scrod will become as indispensable to the blogosphere as "Animal Planet" is to cable television.

Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, ACTUAL Scrod presents a real cat who is the personification of all the values ACTUAL Scrod plans to promote. Tommy the Tabby can see, feel, touch, and, miraculously, heal.

Take heart, ACTUAL Rod. There is a Santa Paws.

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Mulatto Jesus said...

i think this is where i draw the line