Terri Schiavo Died

Finally, at long last, the first alembic for posterity, the first siphoning forth of satire into song. I give you:

Terri Schiavo Died

This is just a rough draft, so to speak, a sign of more to come. Special thanks to Lucy for singing the part of "Terri". Nostradamus's vocal during the "she died" refrain is meant to be the voice of the Archangel Michael. That Michael didn't betray her, but then again, no one gets betrayed.... IN HEAVEN!!!


Rich said...

you have done for audio what delino did for videoq

Dan said...

This is a true example of Nostradamus's commitment to the art of blogging. Bravo for this song's length and quality. I'm putting it on my iTunes rotation

The ACTUAL God said...

"a beleaguered senate was powerless to act" is a perfect lyric

Nostradamus said...

Thank you all. All three of you are a deep inspiration.