Larry King II

Joel Osteen and the Dalai Lama, possibly the most absurd and insulting pairing ever. Larry's questions included:

"Your Holiness, do events like the hurricane shake your faith?"

Great question Larry. He then cuts his Holiness off and goes to Osteen, who spouts a bunch of Christian nonsense about how "we can't understand God's ways so why question them"... Great.

"Pastor, would you agree that 'hope' is the prime message?"

"Yes Larry, hope is all we have...etc."

My God. Larry King is unbelievably stupid. After the Pastor finished, Larry felt obliged to note:

"I notice his holiness is nodding his head."


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Anonymous said...

Usually I do not honor mere bloggers with comment from my sacred keyboard, but your stinging criticism of Larry and Joel warrants EVERYONE'S notice, even mine... My holiness was nodding because I was enjoying what you in your culture call an "aporia," but what we call "tathagata" or the silent affirmation of transcendent bliss... FYI, I had at that moment reached stage 5 of the "crystal cycle" -- a phenomenon too complex to explain: suffice to say, I'm only the 6th Dalai Lama to reach it within his first nine lifetimes...

Thank you for publicizing, however unwittingly, my triumph!

My holiness,