Heaven and Cheap Cigars ("impeach bush")

My latest song:

Heaven and Cheap Cigars

Special thanks to Arlo Harshenstein for providing percussion, keyboards, and the brief vocal at the song's start.

I hope it pleases you, beloved fans.

(Editor's Note: This song, while not officially Schiavo-geared, is certifiably Schiavo-related)


Rich said...

you had at me at schiavo (and the modest mouse line was pretty good...)

the actual rod said...

If I move to Seattle, I might have to change my name to Doug.

Dionysius said...

I love the reference to Darwin, knowing that I just returned from the Galapagos. In fact, there is a turtle there who is thought to have been at the site where Darwin landed. You should go see this marvelous creature and ask him what his position on the evolution theory.