Conflict before Sheehan

I am happy to report that I am able to do some actual reporting today. I attended the Cindy Sheehan "Bring Them Home Now" rally on the New Haven Green, and I was able to capture some stunning images of the proceedings, including a brief video clip (with audio) of Cindy herself.

Those of you who have listened to the "Cindy Sheehan" song will understand how momentous an occasion this really, truly was.

Our first image is of a heated verbal argument/confrontation that broke out between an anti-war (pro Sheehan) man and two female pro-war (anti-Sheehan) women. They had some obnoxious signs about how questioning the war was hurting soldiers families, etc... As I drew close to this fight, desperate for any kind of a story at this largely predictable, if spirited, event, I heard the large man who is in the center of the shot say "You have no right to bring my sexuality into matters. This is not your place. I demand a public apology." At several moments different people tried to intervene, but I, sensing the possibility of violence, lingered, hoping the argument would "flare again"...

During one speech (one of Cindy's opening acts) a member of the Veterans of the Iraq War for Peace group made some hilarious remarks about a pro-war protest sign... He then made these same protesters "look the fool" by pointing out a spelling error on their sign! It was a real laugh riot!

I am having some download issues with my digital camera, but once they are resolved I will have more to say, including some close-ups of Cindy, and the aforementioned video clip.


Anonymous said...

Sheehan is deranged; I especially liked it when she pleaded for the "end of the occupation of New Orleans."

Just astounding.

Errol Ailor said...

really enjoyed it. Thanks!