Aruba: Impeach Bush

Sorry, just addicted to that Impeach Bush thing.

Here is, shock of shocks, the next song in the catalogue of horrors I am compiling. Please, enjoy:

Aruba (Dutch Paradise)

I am really on a roll with these, I hope this one proves as succesful as the previous two. It's all for you guys, the fans.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the song, Nos – insouciant as ever!

Just a few notes: Aruba is not considered a nation, but rather a “separate entity within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.”

Otherwise, where is the voice of the doomed female victim so faithfully represented in yesterdays’ hits?

Nostradamus said...

Ms. Holloway was unavailable. She couldn't be located.

Rich said...

i am most impressed by the variety in styles from song to song. you are taking blogging in an entirely new direction....aublogging? we need to come up with a catchy name for it (video blogging is called "vlogging"). maybe sing-a-blogging...ugh, these are terrible...but the songs are amazing